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"A Truly Immersive Experience"

Photography has been an interest of mine since I was a child.  When I first took a picture with my father's Konica 35mm camera, I was hooked.  Sure it captured a vibrant image, but the mechanical feeling of the shutter button, the vibration of the camera as the aperture blinked, and the tactile feel of the film advance lever made it not just a picture, but an experience.

Oh, the simpler times.   


Since 2015 Eye Walk Tours has stayed at the cutting edge of technology with our Matterport Virtual Camera System, Mirrorless Full-Frame Still Cameras, Gimbal-Controlled Video, and Aerial Capture Platforms to offer our clients an immersive experience in whatever range of properties they are showcasing.  We also developed a hybrid style of photo-taking that offers the best of all worlds, giving the viewer a truly immersive look into the subject of the moment.

Thank you for checking out Eye Walk Tours.  We look forward to the opportunity to display your property!

-Steven Nichols

President / Creative Director